Consider this your retreat. I’m an educator and yoga instructor dedicated to freeing families from the exhaustion and guilt that can overwhelm us all. You are not alone. Sleepless nights and toddler tantrums are universal. I provide families the tools they need to feel a greater connection, vitality, and sense of calm on your unique path.


My classes and packages support families in changing old unwanted patterns and our Vibrant Families facebook community inspires laughter and learning together without judgement. 



When you apply a mindfulness lens to parenting, you can learn to take charge of what’s meaningful and necessary without needing to control things that are not in your grasp.


Spoiler Alert: Don’t expect your kids to change. They will do nothing different, they will keep on doing all the things. YOU will change. Your heart. Your reactions. Your confidence. 


Using simple tools and gentle resources, my class

transforms exhausted Newborn parents from 

overwhelmed to feeling confident and rested.  

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Do you,

  Wish you knew how to end tantrums? 

  Need better sleep to be patient & productive? 

  Regret yelling at or hurting your kids? 

  Long for more meaningful relationships? 

  Envy others who make it look easy? 

  Hope to develop shame-free parenting tools? 

  Want to feel less guilt and anxiety about parenting? 

If you tick some of these boxes, you are in the

perfect place to find the essential tools and support you need. 

Be sure to check out my

Infant sleep consultant

"Kristine saved our lives! For 3 years our nights revolved around trying to get our oldest to sleep, taking up to 5 hours every single night. When our 2nd baby was born he was waking up every 30-90 minutes and only sleeping around 6-8 hours in a 24 hour period... we were losing our minds. Within 2 days of hiring Kristine, our baby slept 13 HOURS STRAIGHT. " ~ The Cone Family

Connect to an inspiring community of parents who are doing the work, while also keeping it real. 

You'll find actionable tips and strategies in addition to monthly Q&A's and Office Hours via zoom.

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