Hello, I'm a mom, Sleep Specialist and Mindful Parenting coach. 

Using sleep science and mindfulness practices, I empower exhausted and overwhelmed families to feel more nurtured, connected and confident. 


Parents in my programs will learn empathetic, connection-based practices that encourage consistency, play and problem solving. Step on to a new parenting path toward greater support and sweetness for your whole family.


Spoiler Alert: Don’t expect your kids to change. They will do nothing different, they will keep on doing all the things. YOU will change. Your heart. Your reactions. Your confidence. 

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Do's and Don'ts to get you through cold and flu season. Babies with independent sleep skills often get MORE sleep during teething and illness because they know how to get the sleep they need.


It is important to allow your newborn to do as much eating and sleeping as they want in these early days, however there are strategies you can use to encourage healthy sleep habits from the start. 

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"Kristine saved our lives! For 3 years our nights revolved around trying to get our oldest to sleep, taking up to 5 hours every single night. When our 2nd baby was born he was waking up every 30-90 minutes and only sleeping around 6-8 hours in a 24 hour period... we were losing our minds. Within 2 days of hiring Kristine, our baby slept 13 HOURS STRAIGHT. " ~ The Cone Family

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