Adult Sleep Program 

Sleep is vital for living a full and healthy life.


Do you feel exhausted all day long only to lay in bed much of the night wondering (and worrying about!) why you're not sleeping? Unable to set goals because you can barely get out of bed? I can help you!  Adult sleep is complicated but I have dozens of tools and strategies to help tired adults live healthy and productive lives.


When you combine information with a plan of action, support and accountability you will see amazing improvements in sleep. You will no longer need caffeine all day, or undesirable sleep aides at night. 

This is not a fantasy, it's an investment - of time, energy, and money - in your emotional and physical well-being. I know the importance of a restful night of sleep after years of laying awake for hours, confused and anxious all night, exhausted and frustrated all day. 


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 About Sleep?


I will ask you to make a deep commitment to your own well-being.

This process will take TIME: 4 weeks to start.

It will require your ENERGY and dedication - changing habits always does.

The financial INVESTMENT of this 4-week process is $550  

Kristine was supportive and easy to work with. Much to my surprise, I reached my goal to sleep through the night in less than a month. I had struggled with sleep issues for many years and honestly thought that I could not be helped. She set me on a path to obtain sleep and with her insight, I was able to access the reasons for my prolonged insomnia and conquer it. It feels great to finally feel rested! ~ G.B., Idaho 

Working with Kristine empowered me to achieve two things I could not do by myself:  abandon my prescription sleep medication and make me a more confident sleeper.  The tools and techniques she teaches - along with a personalized, caring approach - made the journey seem natural and nurturing.  I highly recommend it to other adults who struggle with sleep 'challenges'.  J.K., Idaho