Mindful Reads & Resources 

On the Mindful Parenting Path I read SO many books, attended workshops, trainings, and jumped down dozens of learning rabbit holes. I'm embarrassed to say it took me 5 years to get where I am now - and lets be honest, I'm still doing a LOT of work! 

However, the day my kids both melted down at the grocery store and fully lost it was a turning a point. I left all my purchases in the check out line, drug my kids to the car and belted them - kicking and screaming - into their seats. I slammed the door so hard it broke and didn't open for weeks. Then I stomped back into the store with tears streaming down my face to pay for my groceries, avoiding eye contact with all the shocked onlookers. 


I pulled out of the parking lot, drove my kids to their preschool - which was not expecting them on this day - and dropped them off explaining that I was not fit to parent them. They deserved a better mom

That day was rock bottom for me. Since then I've worked tirelessly to change the beliefs in MYSELF that were keeping me from connecting and problem solving with my kids. In turn, they felt calmer and safer, life slowly got easier for all of us.


Now, I've turned that dark and hellish day into parenting gold for you. 


I've taken all the tough lessons and distilled them into a 5 week class that will help you do the work I did in 5 YEARS.


I've read over a hundred articles, dozens of books, and invested in 4 parenting classes that inform the lessons I share with you in a simple and meaningful curriculum that you'll begin to integrate into your life immediately. 

I've also created a facebook forum: Mindful Parent Village that families are invited to join upon enrollment in the 5-week class.

And for parents like me who knew what they needed to do, but needed emotional support, planning, and accountability to make it happen, I offer Mindful Parent Coaching as well. 

Mindful Parenting Practices 

A transformative 5-week class for your whole family. 

For those of you who have the time/energy for a 

DIY approach, here are some of my fav's!


Mindfulness Resources 

Dan Siegal, Parenting for Compassion 

Sarah Rosensweet Peaceful Parenting  - Stop Yelling Course


Mindfulness Reads  

John Gottman's Book, Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child 

Dan Siegal's Book, No Drama Discipline

Marc Lesser's 7 Practices of a Mindful Leader

Susan Kaiser Greenland, Mindful Parent Mindful Child 

My Recently Published Articles

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To Use With Your Kids

Mindfulness Activities for Kids

Breathe Like a Bear 

Generation Mindful - Time-In Tool Kit 

Big Life Journal - Growth Mindset for kids 

When we embrace the wholeness of who we are and learn to respond from a place of awareness, we create a stable foundation to build a home with patience, safety and compassion for all who live there.  

~Kristine Petterson