Meet Kristine

I am a yoga instructor, doula, and sleep specialist who loves to help families navigate the exhaustion and overwhelm they may face. If you’re tired, confused, and frustrated by all your efforts to get some Zzzz’s and parent without yelling and threats, I can help. 


I was once in your shoes, I know that investing in knowledge and support was an immensely valuable investment that made me a better parent, partner, and allowed me to go back to doing the things I loved.

Infant Sleep Consultant Moscow Idaho

After 11 months of exhaustion my mom and my husband gift me a night in a hotel. I had to pump at night, but it was amazing to sleep without interruption.  


My Backstory


After teaching Social Studies in the public schools for 10 years I moved to New York City where I began teaching Yoga to kids and adults.  Soon, I began to teach prenatal and postnatal yoga and became certified as a Birth Doula.  I loved that I could support families in so many areas of their journey: pregnancy, birth, healing your post-baby body, and then teaching children themselves.  Mindfulness, relaxation and support was a key part of all these benchmarks. 




Infant Sleep Consultant Moscow Idaho
Infant Sleep Consultant Moscow Idaho

Then, I became a parent myself. And it was HARD. I found pregnancy limiting, uncomfortable, and anxiety provoking. I had an empowering home birth and then I spent five months in a state of crisis as I attempted to function on very little sleep with none of the coping skills I had before. I was eager to get back to my work supporting families, but I was too tired to do it.  As my child became more independent, her sleep became increasingly dependent, interrupted and off balance. We were ALL exhausted, confused, and desperate.  No matter where I looked for advice and information I was ineffective at successfully implementing it.  Finally, at 11 months someone pointed me to a sleep consultant who turned our lives around in a matter of days. 

It's actually easier to sleep with the baby inside... 

As it turns out, my child is an expert sleeper – she went from sleeping 9 random hours a day to a solid routine of 15 hours a day.  Parenting is much easier to problem solve when the whole family is getting the sleep they need.  

Once toddler behaviors began arising and my children began wanting more independence and autonomy, Big Sister began shouting "NOOOOO!" and having giant tantrums when getting in the carseat or diaper changing. I found myself yelling, using time-outs, threats, and getting so angry that I would slam doors. This was NOT the vision of the parent I would be - I was triggered by my child's normal actions, I took it personally, and even though I desperately wanted to change, I found myself in the same cycle day after day.


It took years of work: classes, reading stacks of books, therapy, coaching and practicing in real time to get to a place where I can calmly weather the "big emotions"without reacting. In my work with toddlers I kept hearing that other families could use the same resources, so I began building classes and offering coaching that could help.  

A sweet bedtime routine with my two little bedbugs. 

Today, I have a thriving business and two well-rested, super willful daughters. It’s an honor for me to nurture families who need more sleep or just want new tools to foster compassion, consistency and calm along the parenting journey. 

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To empower families with the resources they need to be well-rested and meaningfully connected. Through in-person and online classes or one-on-one support packages I meet families where they are, without judgement, providing tools and strategies to implement mindful parenting practices.

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Kristine Petterson is a Certified Sleep Consultant and the founder of Kristine Petterson Sleep Specialist. She was selected to attend, and has successfully completed, the extensive Sleep Sense™ Sleep Consultant program for both children (2015) and adults (2017). 

Kristine is also a Nationally Board Certified Teacher (Social Studies), a DONA Certified Doula and holds numerous 200hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificates, with specialties for kids and supporting families during the childbearing year.