Toddler Sleep Package 15mo-3years

Many exhausted and confused parents contact me with stories of uncooperative bedtimes, skipped naps or frequent night wakings.

This package is for parents who want to help their little one feel confident about bedtime and empowered to sleep all night long. This is my most involved package because these "Me do it!!" toddlers have a strong desire for control and independence, but still need help taking care of themselves in many ways.


This package provides:

  • Toddler Resources Kit (reward charts, bedtime routine, bedtime rules, sleep log)

  • Personalized Sleep Storybook

  • Customized Sleep Plan

  • Hour-long Consultation to review the plan and prepare you to implement it confidently. 

  • Support - 3 weeks of email and phone support  

  • Information Going Forward - packet for overcoming future sleep hurdles


The cost for these transformative resources and support is $529.99  

My toddler powerhouse! She's unstoppable and smiley most days, but if she's not well-rested the frustration and tears are flowing. 

"Kristine is truly wonderful! For much longer than I’d like to admit my son literally had to be held in order to sleep. The second we laid him down his eyes popped open! At 18 months he was waking every 2 hours and had to nurse back to sleep. We had been cosleeping but neither of us were getting quality sleep anymore.


It wasn’t good for either of us and it was time to do something. I spoke with another sleep consultant who was not a good fit for us but as soon as I took advantage of Kristine’s Free 20 minute consult I knew she was a great fit for us and she was the support we needed. I had read alllll the sleep books but I needed her to hold my hand and walk me through it. She wrote a custom plan for us that was as gentle as could be considering my angst regarding just leaving my baby to cry. We set a date to follow her plan and after a week we were all getting the sleep we needed!!" ~The Dubois Family 

"Big thanks to Kristine for her help in transforming our beautiful son from an overtired guy into a happy, well rested toddler! J went from requiring us to sit by his side at bedtime and to go back to sleep the 4+ times he woke each night to falling asleep and staying asleep on his own. His improved sleep has helped with his mood, and certainly has made mommy and daddy happier too! 

Kristine's coaching on both the sleep routine and psychology of positive reinforcement critical to our success. Thank you!" ~ The Goodman Family 

"Kristine is absolutely amazing to work with! Our 3 year old was very attached to sleeping with daddy and tended to wake up multiple times a night, unhappy if daddy was not there. Needless to say between nightly struggles with bedtime, daddy falling asleep on the hardwood floors, and her infant sister waking us up several times we were more than ready for a change!


Because she was older we knew we had our work cut out for us but we were determined to give her the support she needed to learn the skills necessary for healthy sleep. Not only is Q sleeping through the night but her attitude during the day is so positive. Working with Kristine has been an incredible experience. My husband and I both feel that we have grown as parents and we are very fortunate to have had Kristine’s support through a challenging time!"  ~ The Henderson Family


The best part: You can contact me for a FREE evaluation call to talk about your hopes, dreams, fears and concerns. I'll ask a zillion questions and get to know your sleep story. I will give you some information and we can talk about what it looks like to teach your child to love sleep, respectfully. Click the button below to schedule a call and get started down the path to healthy sleep