Newborn Sleep Tips     

Your new arrival is an incredible learner!

In the first few months of life my FREE suggestions will help

your newborn build a solid foundation for healthy sleep.   

  • Tools to avoid over-tiredness (a baby's biggest barrier to Zzzz). 

  • Information to reassure you and empower your child.  

  • Strategies you can start using today. 

My 3-page guide includes: 

Interested in avoiding the worry, expensive gadgets, sleepless nights and tears?    

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Meet Your Teacher

Hello, I'm Kristine Petterson. I spent 10+ years teaching high schoolers, and now my favorite people to teach are just a few months old.


Using sleep science and mindfulness practices, I empower exhausted and overwhelmed families to feel more nurtured, connected and confident. Without the guilt. 

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