Kristine in the Media

Overcoming Mom-Rage

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"There were things, many things actually, that my children did every day that caused me to fly into an unexplainable rage in the space of a nanosecond. I hated thinking of them as triggers AND I hated to acknowledge I had them because I always want to present the illusion that I’ve got it all under control. Don’t we all?"

Love Letter to My Anger 

published in Medium

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Talking "Fall Back" on KREM2 News

sleep expert on morning news

"Your clearest offering was teaching me to embrace the fullness of you; the biggest, scariest, overflowing, body wrenching emotion there is. And for that I love you."

"It's all about the body clock, and how our biorhythm depends upon our daily schedule and routine and consistency for good functioning."

Take a Vacation from Screens published by ThriveGlobal

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"Technology is one of those things. I keep ending up there, somehow, but I’m not getting the meaningful connection I aimed for in the experience. In fact, I’m feeling more rushed, impatient and anxious. And I’m not alone..."