Mindful Parenting 

As a mom of two young girls and a business to run I had ZERO “mindful moments” during the day. I became an embarrassing downward spiral of overwhelm, resentment and door slamming. I wanted to change and I felt like I "should" have all the answers, but I just couldn't do it.



That's the key, I couldn't do it alone. I had to have help, lots of it, from it many angles. My mom-rage has improved dramatically, but I'm still finding more ways to support myself and becoming more mindful, because mindfulness turned out to be the key


What is Mindfulness? 


Mindfulness can be a specific type of formal meditation, but I like to think of it as "noticing", becoming aware of where you are, in your body, thoughts, and feelings at a given moment. In moments of joy, it brings added joy. In moments of challenge it brings the space and sweetness you need to respond in the way you want. 




Here's the great news: with knowledge and dedication you CAN parent the way you want to!

My 5-week class gives you information to create a foundation for taming your (and your kids) tantrums and creating new patterns of behavior that foster more kindness and control for the whole family. 

If you feel like yelling and punishments don't work, you're right. 

Check out my resources and learn a different way. 

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