Infant Sleep Package

Imagine laying your baby down in their crib after a sweet bedtime routine, saying goodnight and watching them snuggle in and put themselves to sleep with confidence and ease. Now, imagine them sleeping ALLLL night long.


For many parents who contact me -and myself years ago!- this seems like a far-away fantasy. However, infants have an amazing ability to learn healthy sleep skills within 2-5 nights and catch up on the sleep they are missing very quickly. You'll be amazed at how good the whole family feels when you all are getting the sleep you need. 


My Infant Package Provides:

  • Questionnaire & Sleep Log

  • Age appropriate sleep plan 

  • Hour long education consultation to prepare you to implement your plan.  

  • Two weeks of email and phone support as you create new habits.

  • Information so that you're prepared for travel, teething, & milestones. 


For $449, you can transform bedtime into the sweetest time and everyone will get the rest they need. 

"After spending hundreds of dollars on DockATots and "fix baby sleeping problem" solutions, and reading four different sleep training books we were desperate. We had tried two different versions and methods of sleep training and nothing was helping our chronic night waking daughter. I was at my breaking point, and starting to blame breastfeeding on her deplorable sleep. We felt isolated and trapped. Date nights, or anything social after 5 pm was a no-go due to her "witching hours" and sleep problems. 

A friend of a friend recommended Kristine and we are so thankful she did. She analyzed her sleep patterns and spent a lot of time figuring out what was important to our family. We weren't able to stomach "cry it out" methods, and Kristine worked with us to find a gentle solution that would help give our daughter the independence she needed to sleep, and give US a break. Our daughter was a tough case to crack, and we had some backsliding with her progress--but Kristine analyzed her patterns again and with a simple fix from Kristine we have had our first full week of uninterrupted night sleep in eight months!!! Kristine and her loving support, guidance, and knowledge have saved my nursing relationship with my daughter, helped our mental health, and brought us closer as a family. I wish we would have found and used Kristine from the very beginning!" ~J.L. 

"I never would have believed our sleep monster would be sleeping 12 hours a night. Before working with Kristine, his nights were so unpredictable and sleep was sporadic. Some nights were "ok" with him sleeping 2-3 hour stretches, then there were the bad nights, night wakings every 30-90 mins. I felt guilty that he wasn't getting good quality sleep and we were exhausted and at our wits end. Now after 2 weeks he has developed the skills needed to sleep through the night and we no longer curse the monitor. Now we can work late, go to dinner, or watch a movie knowing WE can also get quality sleep." C.G., Idaho 

After several excellent references, and people saying "best money ever spent", I decided to hire Kristine for help with our four month old my twins, Otto and Reija. I was cosleeping with them and feeding them in bed for naps because it was the best way to comfort both at once. I would wake up every few hours run from one side of the bed to the other, feeding, swaddling, pacifying, shushing. I spent more time trying to get babies to sleep than breastfeeding, which in itself was several hours a day, all while I was returning to work. 

Fast forward two days (no joke) after working with Kristine: we had them in their own cribs for the first time ever and we had gotten rid of pacifiers and swaddles entirely. By two weeks, I could put kids to bed on a regular schedule without a peep, wake them up for one night feeding, and they will sleep for 12 hours ! 

The best things about working with Kristine is her confidence and reassurance that something will work and the reasons why, her holding you accountable and empowering you, and her problem solving focus. Highly recommended if you want to take your life back, and babies will thank you too!

"Our little guy has been quite the challenge from the start, and polar opposite from big sister. He had colic and acid reflux to the point of us having to put him on "baby Zantac". He basically cried constantly for 4-5 months. He also had 8 teeth by 6 months old 😳. So that was fun. At the time I finally threw up the white flag and called Kristine for help C was only sleeping 2 hours at a time and needed to nurse back to sleep. Every. Two. Hours. For eight months?! I could no longer classify myself as a human. As I also had to keep up with my four year old.

Now he is doing a solid 11 hrs at night with two great naps during the day! I've rejoined the human race, increased my productivity (made back the money spent in the first 2 days), and get to spend more quality time with my first born!" M.L., Arizona

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