Child Sleep Package 2.5+ years 

Many exhausted and confused parents contact me with stories of uncooperative bedtimes, frequent night wakings, unwanted behaviors (including hyperactive or overly aggressive) in their overtired children. These kiddos are old enough that they are often seeking independence around sleep, but they lack the confidence for a number of reasons. Creating new habits around sleep is hard, especially when kids are overtired, so a multi-dimensional approach is key to addressing all aspects of sleep hygiene. 


This package is for parents who want to help their little one feel confident about bedtime and empowered to sleep all night long.


This package provides:

  • Child Resources Kit (reward charts, bedtime routine, bedtime rules, sleep log)

  • Personalized Sleep Storybook

  • Customized Sleep Plan

  • Hour-long Consultation to get you feeling confident.

  • Follow-up Support - 3 weeks of email (as needed) and phone support (4 calls) 

  • Future Information Packet for overcoming future sleep hurdles


The cost for these resources and support is $469. 

The best part? You can contact me for a FREE evaluation call to talk about your hopes, dreams, fears and concerns. I'll ask a zillion questions and get to know your sleep story. I will give you some information and we can talk about what it looks like to teach your child to love sleep, gently and with respect. Click the button below to schedule a call and get started down the path to healthy sleep. 

My amazing healthy sleeper! She gets soooo much sleep and has soooo much energy to show for it!!  

"Our daughter has always struggled with sleep issues. Over four years we had adopted many desperate strategies to find temporary peace and sleep in the household. This was particularly true when we had a series of transitions to our family (e.g., another baby, changed jobs, moved to another state). Q was very attached to sleeping with daddy and tended to wake up multiple times a night, unhappy if daddy was not there.

Needless to say between nightly struggles with bedtime, daddy falling asleep on the hardwood floors, and her infant sister waking us up several times we were more than ready for a change! Because she was older we knew we had our work cut out for us but we were determined to give her the support she needed to learn the skills necessary for healthy sleep. From Kristine we learned that Q needed to feel empowered to become more independent and confident in herself. She has also enjoyed being an active participant in the nighttime routine, even reminding us if we forgot a step.

Q now knows the connection between a good night’s sleep and “having energy for play” the next day. She is more aware of what her body needs and will advocate to go to bed if she is feeling “exhausted.” It has been amazing to see the pride that she has in herself every morning when she wakes up after a full night's sleep. Not only is she sleeping through the night but her attitude during the day is so positive! Working with Kristine has been an incredible experience. We both feel that we have grown as parents and we are very fortunate to have had Kristine’s support through a challenging time!" ~Amber & Justin, Oregon

"Working with Kristine has been wonderful! I didn't realize how tired I actually was until I started sleeping through the night. Kristine helped my husband and I implement a plan with our 4 year old and 2 year old, who share a room, that gave them confidence in falling asleep on their own and how to put them selves back to bed in the middle of the night! Our girls have been sleeping great and so have we which means we are all more patient with each other.


Not only did she help us with our girls sleep, she gave my husband and I tools and strategies that were extremely helpful in how we talk about sleep and cooperation with our kids. The best part is we will use these skills throughout our parenting journey. The other aspect is that we live in different time zones, PST and EST. I thought this might create a problem but it did not, her ability to work with our schedules and the time difference was seamless. Giving our girls life long skills is what we strive for and Kristine has been instrumental in assisting our family learn the essential sleep skills needed for leading a healthy life." ~ The Bentley Family