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What You Get    

  •  Newborn sleep plan

  •  Visual sleep log - see progress in days

  •  6 weekly modules give you a WHY and tips to try 

  •  Inspiration - you can do this! And so can your baby.    

  •  Peace of mind  

Online Newborn Sleep Class

 This class is the ultimate "latté factor":

You can give your child a lifetime 

of sleep, for the cost of a few

fancy drinks. 

Start on your Path to Sleep  

It is important to allow your newborn to do as much eating and sleeping as they want in their early days of life, however even at a few weeks of age there's a golden opportunity to start encouraging your child to assemble the building blocks of healthy independent sleep.


Slowly, gently, you CAN teach newborn sleep skills by taking baby steps. 

I'm a National Board Certified Social Studies teacher who has created a quality course guaranteed to: 

  • Save newborn parents time (and tears). 

  • Teach you about how sleep works in the Newborn brain & body. 

  • Give you choice, options and control. 

  • Inspire: your baby CAN learn - I see it happen every day!  


The Landis Family

When our first was born, we knew we needed help to not repeat our mistakes with big brother! Newborns are hard and every day was different in the beginning, but M learned very quickly to go to bed on his own at night. Naps are still a little harder, but he often puts himself to sleep for naps as well. 

Newborn Success.jpg

The Page Family 

We've really mastered the eat-play-sleep routine! This really helps keep my baby girl happy and energized while awake, and putting on weight at a really good rate. I think because she feeds so well during the day with this routine, she only wakes up once a night at this point to feed.


The Emmerson Family 

Working with Kristine completely changed the atmosphere in our house. Our newborn sleeps 10+ consecutive hours at night, allowing me to rest more at night to have more energy to give to both my kids during the day. He is happy and energetic during his awake time and because I can better predict when his next nap will be our time together is more high quality. 

Dare To Dream  

Sleep supports physical, intellectual, and emotional development.

It's priceless for you and your child. 

Now, you can teach your precious baby the

building blocks of healthy sleep. 

You - and your little one - deserve

to feel well-rested and ready for world!  

Need More Support? 

Upgrade to the full class and get access to my Newborn Support Forum. 

You don't have to do it alone:

- Receive answers to your questions 

- Expert problem solving for each module

- Inspiration from other newborn parents just like you. 

Be honest. Is your genius baby already out-smarting you?  


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so you can ask questions and get reassurance. 

"The Facebook Q&A was the most helpful as I always had questions that came up each week. It was helpful to hear that other moms and babies were able to achieve parts of the newborn plan that we were still working on, proving that it is possible. I felt more motivated to make some of the changes that were a little harder to do and took more patience, knowing that others were doing the same." - Page Family

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is fine for our family. 

NOTE: The acquisition of independent sleep skills is dependent on a number of factors, and I cannot guarantee that your child will be sleeping through the night in 6 weeks. Temperament, age, weight, sleep debt, consistency of routine, among other things, all play a role, and your child may require additional one-on-one services even after following the plan laid out for you in the Newborn Sleep Group. If your family would like additional support, I am happy to offer you a discounted (20% off) Infant Sleep Package to make all your dreams come true. 

Dare To Dream  

The benefits of healthy sleep for your newborn are priceless; it supports physical, intellectual, and emotional development. 

You - and your little one! Deserve to feel well rested and ready for each day!