What You Get 

   toddler sleep plan

   weekly Sleep Q&A

   sleep log

   printable routines and rules 

   age appropriate sticker chart

   strategies for ages 28mo and older.    



Create Sweet Bedtimes, Restful Nights and Mindful Days for  only $249 

Join my 6-week facebook group to encourage behaviors in support of your child's healthy sleep skills. Parents will come together to learn strategies and receive numerous tools to implement new sleep routines so that you can ALL get the rest you need. Benefit from weekly Q&A sessions and the collaborative efforts of other dedicated parents as we walk the path to empower our little ones to be the cooperative, independent and responsible little humans we know they want to be - even at bedtime!!  

Dare To Dream  

The benefits of healthy sleep for your child is priceless; it supports physical, intellectual, and emotional development. And many times the difficulty you're having around sleep routines is directly related to how TIRED they are! Let me help you! Notice how your world changes when both you and your child feel rested and ready for each new day. 

What's stopping you? 

Here's How it Works: 

1.  Register to join the group. 

3. Then check your email for an invoice and instructions on how to join your 6-week Support group.  

4. In January, once everyone in the group has paid, you'll receive Sleep Plan, Sleep Log, and Newborn Tips & Strategies. 

5. Ask questions each week on Q&A days. 

6. Learn from a knowledgable sleep expert and other dedicated parents, reach out, be supported, and get the rest you need. 

NOTE: The acquisition of independent sleep skills is dependent on a number of factors, and I cannot guarantee that your child will be sleeping through the night in 6 weeks. Temperament, age, weight, sleep debt, consistency of routine, among other things, all play a role, and your child may require additional one-on-one services even after following the plan provided for you in the Newborn Sleep Group. If your family would like additional 1:1 support, I am happy to offer this so we can get to the bottom of your special needs and create a plan to achieve your goals. 

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Toddler Sleep Group

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