One of my greatest joys has been helping families navigate the beautiful and challenging transition to parenthood. 

Because I have two small children of my own, I am only able to offer limited Doula services. The Prenatal Yoga Partner Workshop is the best way I've found to support parents along the path to an empowered pregnancy and birth. 

I also provide postpartum doula services, my favorite is the Postpartum Sleep Magic Package, that includes newborn tips and sleep help in addition to postpartum support services. 

Quarterly: Prenatal Yoga Partner Workshop  

This special two-hour workshop invites you and your partner to come to your mat together for a mindful practice to support your path to parenthood.

For $30 per couple you will enjoy:
- Breathing and relaxation exercises
- Poses for a strong and supported pregnancy
- Partner activities to support pregnancy and labor
- Labor support/birthing positions
- deepening your connection, to each other and baby
- Tea and snacks provided.

2019 Dates: 

  January 26th

  April 10th 



Postpartum Support Package   $620  |  10 hours 

Receive nurturing support from someone who wants YOU to hold your baby while I do housework and walk the dogs.


Postpartum Zen Package    $880  |  10 hours 

Yoga and mindfulness are some of the best tools for staying sane and being present in the days after your baby arrives. In each visit we will spend time creating stability in your pelvic floor, find optimal alignment while baby wearing and nursing, practice mindfulness activities or visualizations to overcome common challenges in the first weeks of your "new normal". I can also do the usual housekeeping, errand running and dog walking. 

Postpartum Sleep Magic Package    $1,150  |  10 hours

Combining physical, emotional, and intellectual support into the greatest gift you could give yourself after baby comes: peace of mind about sleep. When your sweet babe is 12 weeks of age we can begin scheduling visits to work on the skills needed for healthy sleep. We will optimize your child's sleep space, go over the basics of newborn sleep, and put your little one down for a nap together so that you can observe some gentle techniques for encouraging independent sleep as we implement your own customized sleep plan. 

The best thing about having a doula was developing a flexible birth plan to work from and knowing that I had a knowledgeable partner in the birth process. Kristine was good at sensing what I needed & adapting and changing her techniques as the birth progressed. She is compassionate, intuitive, caring, knowledgeable and committed.    ~ JW, Idaho