Sleep Give-Away 2018 

Sleep challenges will be old news for 3 lucky families this New Year! 

You could be one of three families to win $100

towards the purchase of any sleep package. 

Are you longing for a solid 8 hours of sleep for just one night? 

Wishing bedtime was sweet instead of tantrum filled? 

Arguing with your partner about the best way to handle your exhausted child? 

Lets make a plan to fix ALL your sleep problems! 

Complete the form below to enter the give-way. 

On Jan. 12th I will contact the winners to celebrate!  

Contest Deadline: Midnight, Jan. 11 2018 

The Fine Print 

This is a $100 gift towards the purchase of a discounted sleep package. If you do not choose to purchase a package (invoice paid) by Jan. 31 2018, the gift will be offered to another entry. 

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Sleep & Mindful Parenting Specialist 

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