Sleep Starter Kit - Newborn

 Giving your child healthy sleep skills is one of the greatest gifts you can give. Earlier is better when it comes to priceless gifts your child will use for life.


At a very young age babies begin to develop a natural interest in the world around them and become more independent in their explorations and abilities. I find that the brain and body are ready for learning independent sleep skills incredibly well when given the opportunity around 2-4 months of age.


This knowledge paves the way for amazing sleep, growth, and development for each stage and milestone down the road.  

Here's what you'll get: 

  • Newborn Sleep Education Consultation (45min.)

  • Free Enrollment to my Newborn Sleep 6-week Class for Newborns. 

  • Newborn Sleep Tips - strategies for healthy sleep from day 1. 

  • Sleep Support Follow-up Call - one 15 minute call within 4 weeks of purchase.

  • Access to my Sleep From The Start Forum for additional support and weekly Q&A. 

  • Visual Sleep Log - see patters and progress emerging over time. 

  • Information for future sleep success. 

The cost for these resources and support is $269.00 



Interested in joining my 5 week  Newborn Sleep Class for strategies and support as you teach your little one healthy sleep skills?  

"The Newborn Plan totally works, we continue to be blown away by our daughter's predictable and wonderful sleep habits.  By following the sleep plan we were able to teach her to sleep without needing to nurse and instead helped her find a way to soothe herself to sleep.  She overcame a tiresome sleep schedule where she would wake often with uncomfortable reflux and gas.  She quickly showed us that eating upon waking was much better for her digestion and mood.  Now at three months old she only wakes to eat once per night and has a regular daytime napping schedule.  Our well-rested baby is so happy.  We remain ever so thankful for your guidance, Kristine!"  ~N.L., Idaho

"Working with Kristine completely changed the atmosphere in our house. Before, I was so stressed over getting my four-month old quality sleep that my toddler and I were constantly butting heads. Now, W goes down for nap effortlessly, giving me more time and energy to connect with my 4-year old son. He sleeps 10+ consecutive hours at night, allowing me to rest more at night to have more energy to give to both of them during the day. He is happy and energetic during his awake time and because I can better predict when his next nap will be our time together is more high quality. The days went from feeling unpredictable and chaotic to rhythmic and relaxing. Having two young kids is still challenging but because W sleeps better, I feel more confident and at ease. And my older son feels the shift too, settling into his big brother role more smoothly. I am so grateful for Kristine's wisdom and support." J.E., Oregon