Three Point Thursday

There are so many things happening

in the parenting world right now. 


But you don’t need to know all of them. 

The very real fact of information overload has inspired me to create Three Point Thursday. Here's the deal: 

1. Each Thursday an email will arrive with three (and only 3!) interesting, insightful, hilarious or time saving points to support your path as a parent. 

2. As an educator it's my job to find and share information and tools that inspire growth and change from week to week. From new sleep gadgets, timeless tips, or transformative mindfulness tools that you might want to learn more about. Or not? It's up to you. 

3. Any given week may bring:  

Noteworthy tools  

Books that teach 


Relationship game-changers 


New research

Cat Videos (of course!)

"Thank you!! This is the exact advice my family needs right now! 😊😊" 


"Yay!! Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us! ❤️" 


I will NOT share your email

learn more,

and keep it easy as

1,    2,    3!

Once again-thank you for this incredibly relevant and heartfelt article. This truly speaks to me. 

Grateful to be on your list!            ~K.F.