Sleep Packages

If your child is not getting the sleep they need, I can help you!    

“We don't have to do all of it alone.

We were never meant to.”

~ Brene Brown

Sleeping Baby

Newborn Sleep Class

Teach your new bundle of joy healthy sleep skills from the start. 

Sleeping Baby

Infant Sleep Package

Teach your infant the skills needed for healthy independent sleep. 

Toddler Peeking Over Bed Quilt2

Toddler Sleep Package

Help your toddler get the sleep they need while creating a cooperative bedtime routine eveyrone enjoys.  


Just a Consultation

The perfect solve for your sleep regression or burning question. 

Bedtime Reading

Adult Sleep Program

I help school-aged children and adults too! 

Not sure what package is best for your family? 


"Before working with Kristine, our 10 month old was still waking 2-3 times per night to nurse and she wasn't able to put herself to sleep when I laid her in her crib awake. Once we instituted Kristine's plan, after one week, Chloe was sleeping through the night and able to fall asleep on her own for bed. We still struggled with naps, but Kristine helped guide us through that process. We are all very excited to be getting our much needed night time sleep!" ~T.S. Oregon

"Our daughter has gone from three short naps a day to two nice long naps and no more night feeds. We're so glad to have given her the skills for independent sleep (and getting more ourselves doesn't hurt!)." ~J.H., Idaho 

"Before we sought help from Kristine we were beyond exhausted - always thinking about the next opportunity to sleep. Our 11 month old was waking up every 90 minutes, every single night and refusing to nap longer than 40 minutes during the day. We felt frustrated, out of control and desperate for sleep. With Kristine's help our lives took a drastic turn for the better in only a few short days. We couldn't' believe it and we were so relieved! Kristine compassionately guided us through the challenging process of helping our daughter learn to sleep independently. Finally we are all rested and able to enjoy what each new day brings!" ~M.S., Oregon

Follow-up Support: 

Sometimes sleep skills slip, and that's okay, I am here to help! Don't wait to call if you're struggling due to a move, travel, a new baby coming, growing up into a big-kid bed, or illness/teething. Follow ups support is for previous clients only. 

  •   Travel Package

  •   Email Consultation (with email questionnaire prior) 

  •   Phone Consultation (20min. with email questionnaire prior) 

  •   One Week “Tune Up” Package