Informational Sleep Resources

After our daughter learned to sleep our lives improved immensely, and in ways I never expected. Surprisingly, I felt empowered, and I knew my child did too. At 11 months she was unable to articulate it, but she had an amazing new skill that was all her own.  She was good – way better than her father and I – at putting herself to sleep!  


I began to see my role in a new light; I could continue to be exhausted and focus on the limitations parenting presented, or I could find resources that helped me to feel knowledgeable, capable, and supported in this difficult and rewarding role.  I’m honest with my clients, teaching your tired child healthy sleep habits is not always easy.  It’s important to have information and resources that help to validate everyone’s experience and empower both kids and parents on thier path. 


The following resource links offer ideas and data that I found helpful as a parent, both for sleep and in general. 



Self-Care for Parents

Sleep Guidelines

"When we brought our sweet newborn home we knew that we would be lacking on sleep, but had no idea that 8 months later we would be more sleep deprived than ever and barely functioning in our day to day lives. I met Kristine when she came to a parent group to discuss sleep issues and my husband and I were very quickly completely convinced we needed to hire her! We went into the process thinking, knowing, that it would be a very long process for us and were hopeful for just 3-4 hour stretches of sleep at night at the end. Now we are on day seven and our son has slept over 12 hours STRAIGHT at night the last several nights!! We thought we had one of the happiest babies before, but now that he is rested he is so happy and energetic doing things he’s never done before. We have gotten evenings back to ourselves (still trying to get used to that!) and amazingly, feel rested!! We are soo thankful for Kristine!" ~Raedel Family