I Heart Sleep

In February we celebrate LOVE.

The love we feel for our family, friends, and community. And our love of healthy sleep. It is the month in which - two years ago - our child learned to love sleep.

At six months of age our daughter went from "Satisfactory Sleeper" to "Needs Improvement Sleeper" and we began reading up on how to improve infant sleep. It was hard. There was lots of crying and self-doubt. Months went by and our child was getting worse, clearly a receiving a big fat "F" in the sleep category. And all other categories were deeply affected by her exhaustion. I was an unspeakably tired, impatient, unhappy mother, despite the numerous books and blogs I'd read on sleep. My life was out of control despite pages and pages of notes and logs I'd completed to try to outsmart the exhaustion.

We were finally given the number of a wonderful Sleep Sense consultant who changed our lives in a few short weeks, and the rest is history... But here's the thing: I thought my child just didn't like to sleep and I was SOOOOOOOO Wrong!

She wanted more than anything to be confident and secure sleeping independently and I didn't know how to teach her that. My doubts and inconsistent strategies were only making it worse.

Now, every day, it's my job to reassure parents what I learned in a similar struggle, two years ago. It's true - your child can learn to love the rewards of healthy sleep.

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