Eat, Play, then Sleep

For healthy nutrition AND sleep, stick to an "Eat, Play, Sleep"routine.

If you've been researching infant nutrition or sleep, it's likely that you've read about the "Eat, Play, Sleep" routine. From experience I know it takes dedication and determination to achieve, but has great benefits for improving sleep AND feeding for small kiddos.

Here, I've listed 5 tips and facts to improve your Eat, Play, Sleep situation.

  1. Feeding babies upon waking assures that they get bigger meals because they are less likely to fall asleep on the job.

  2. It also means that they are less likely to spit up that precious liquid gold because their little tummies have had time to digest their food before they lay down flat to sleep.

  3. Make sure "play time" includes a variety of positions: on back, upright, tummy time, to assure that burps and bubbles are being patted out instead of becoming painful intestinal gas.

  4. If your little one had a nice big meal after their nap, they probably will not be hungry before their next nap, so there is no need to feed them before laying them down (this may only increase spitting up and aggravate reflux).

  5. It's common for baby's tired signs to be connected with their hunger signs, so if you're seeing hunger signs right before nap, it's a good idea to get your kiddo in to bed as soon as possible. They are not hungry, just tired.

Having a hard time making Eat, Play Sleep happen at your house? Schedule a free call and I'll help you make it work.

Feel free to mix eat + play!

Here is my little one eating ice-cream for

the first time with big sis. Yummmm!

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