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"Prior to working with Kristine, our 18 month baby boy was waking every 1-3 hours at night and needed to nurse back to sleep due to the sleep association I created. With Kristine's guidance and a lot of effort from my husband over a long 5 days, our child no longer nursed to sleep and slept through the night! Kristine was so supportive and helped us find a gentle way to make this transition that wasn't easy but it was totally worth it and we are all sleeping much better now!!" B.D., West Virginia

"The Newborn Plan totally works, we continue to be blown away by our daughter's predictable and wonderful sleep habits.  By following the sleep plan we were able to teach her to sleep without needing to nurse and instead helped her find a way to soothe herself to sleep.  She overcame a tiresome sleep schedule where she would wake often with uncomfortable reflux and gas.  She quickly showed us that eating upon waking was much better for her digestion and mood.  Now at three months old she only wakes to eat once per night and has a regular daytime napping schedule.  Our well-rested baby is so happy.  We remain ever so thankful for your guidance, Kristine!"  ~N.L., Idaho

Infant Sleep Consultant Moscow Idaho
Newborn Sleep Consultant Portland Oregon

"Before I started working with Kristine, I was relying strongly on sleep crutches. I say 'I' because my 4 month old daughter was ready to be done with swaddling and wasn't really comfortable in her Rock n Play anymore but my anxiety about sleep caused me to keep using them. Kristine helped me gain the confidence to let my daughter spread her wings (both figuratively and literally.) Now I put my daughter to bed by herself, she gets herself comfortable and goes to sleep. Naps are longer and more consistent and we are a happier healthier family." ~H.T., Washington

"Kristine is an excellent sleep consultant. She has the ability to be clear, direct, and practical about the sleep consulting process, while at the same time be completely understanding and emotionally available to support parents and their little ones. She is kind, she is funny, she is loving, she is supportive …all qualities that seem very important when addressing the sometimes delicate or emotionally charged issue of family sleep. If you are a parent struggling to teach your child healthy sleep habits, I absolutely would recommend Kristine and the Sleep Sense Consulting approach, 100%. Parents and child will be  gently guided on an empowering journey toward healthy sleep for all!" ~A.S., California

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Infant Sleep Consultant Portland Oregon

"Before working with Kristine, my baby didn't nap or fall asleep at night unless I was holding her, and transferring her to her crib was nearly impossible.  I was spending 5-6 hours a day holding my kiddo just so she could sleep... which is not easy for a working single mom!  Within 24 hours of starting Kristine's program, my baby could fall asleep on her own, in her crib.  Now we're both better rested, happier, and have so much more fun together.  Her smile says it all!" ~S.K., Oregon 

"Our daughter Rebel is 4.5 months old and she needed to be swaddled, nursed to sleep, and either in a rock'n'play, carrier, or physically on us to sleep for naps and bedtime.  She was waking up every 2-3 hours.  I work part time right now and my husband works full time and we have a 3 year old - we were essentially walking zombies.  


We made a plan with Kristine to sleep train and get rid of all her sleep associations.  What is different in working with a professional consultant is that they not only make you a realistic plan, but they walk you through all the "what if" scenarios before, and support you during the process.  We didn't have to waste time fighting with one another  or googling information all hours of the night because we knew we could sort it out with Kristine.  


After 9 days, Rebel is putting herself to sleep for naps AND bedtime with no crying.  She is able to self soothe when she wakes up in the middle of the night, and I can even tell when we sit down to read our books that she is eager to lay down in her bed to get some rest.  She's and incredibly happy baby that is well rested now and we are so proud of her.  


We can't thank Kristine enough and we feel confident in whatever challenges we may face ahead because we know we can count on her to support us through them." ~C.L., Oregon

Infant Sleep Consultant Moscow Idaho

Kristine is an excellent sleep consultant. I needed to move my toddler to her own room and eliminate the rocking, night nursing and pacifier in the process and didn't know how to do it on my own. I am so happy I decided to seek support from Kristine through this transition. The changes she implemented went better than I ever could have imagined. My kid loves to go to sleep on her own! Everyone is sleeping much better in my house, and I am a much better mom because of it. I can’t thank Kristine enough for the wonderful gift of sleep she has given our family. ~M.P., Idaho

"Our son was really struggling to sleep at night by himself. He could sleep fairly well as long as he was held, and my husband and I would take turns holding him at night. We tried various sleep training techniques to no avail, and finally decided to talk with a sleep consultant. After talking with Kristine, my husband and I felt hope for a positive change.


We put the plan she gave us to work and the results were virtually immediate. J had a couple tough stretches, but began to sleep for long chunks of time by himself in his crib. By the middle of our first week, he was sleeping through the night by himself in his crib. Three weeks into our plan and he still sleeps through the night almost every night, and my husband and I do too." ~S.W., Oregon

Infant Sleep Consultant Portland Oregon

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