Please join me for a yoga class in person!  If you cannot meet me on the mat, then lets connect via cell tower; know that we will meet in our hearts and explore life's challenges as we would each pose: finding our strength, learning to trust, and then creating something full of grace and meaning.  

  All-Levels Yoga   In-Person!

Saturdays at 9am   |  1912 Center 


I'm honored to be teaching an all-levels yoga class in-person at the magical 1912 Center in Moscow.  Let us co-create a community that is powerful, supportive and open to Grace.


You will need to bring a mask  and your own yoga props: mat, blocks, blanket, water bottle. 


  Class size is limited indoors, so please sign up here to save your spot.   


OR, you can join class via Zoom: 819 136 8567


    This link will take you to my zoom room!


This is a Donation Based class 

Share your gratitude and abundance in the way that works best for you.

Yoga with Kristine is a complete practice, healing and strengthening the body, fueling the soul, and ensuring a full load of belly laughs. Kristine manages to tie together a rigorous emphasis on alignment, a compassionate perspective on injury accommodations, and a genuine human connection, all of this while keeping it real and humorous. Truly a gem!!

~M.N., Idaho

Kristine is a phenomenal teacher, who brings such clear instructions, wonderful and fun sequencing, and radiant energy to each of her classes. I always felt as though I was moving deeper with the class's theme and my own physical and mental practice throughout the hour and a half practice. As a teacher myself, I learned so much from Kristine's sequencing and alignment instructions--much of which I still carry on to my own students. ~A.T., Idaho

Kristine breaks your heart wide open in the best possible way. After I took my first class with her, I was completely hooked and didn't know why. After years of taking her classes, I came to realize that it is the way that she offers her authentic being to her students and gives all of herself to the class. She has a way of intricately weaving a theme into the asanas for the day that both supports students to physically venture into new terrain and blows the dust right off of our hardened hearts that we fight so hard to protect. You deeply FEEL something in Kristine's classes: physically, mentally, spiritually. She truly inspired my own yoga journey. ~A.C., Idaho

One of the things I was most excited about when I got pregnant was "now I can go to Kristine's prenatal yoga class". And I did starting at 5 weeks pregnant (which is kind of ridiculously early)! There are many things about life that people don't tell you the whole truth about until you are in the middle of it (pregnancy and birth is definitely one of them). But in Kristine's class learned more than I could have ever imagined. I found knowledge about being a caring mom, while also caring for oneself. She is mindful and authentic, my yoga practice and life is better for attending her classes!

~C.S. California 

Taking Kristine's prenatal yoga class was a weekly highlight of my pregnancy. I appreciated the balance of yoga work in the class between strength, flexibility, as well as internal. I felt so supported and nourished in her classes. Prenatal yoga with Kristine also transformed how prepared I was for the birth process and changed my idea of it, when she would cue "this is also a good position to labor in." The sense of community that was built in the class was also great, and I made friendships that transcended class, and pregnancy. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in Kristine's class!

~C.M., Idaho 

 Kristine understands that yoga is a gateway to radical self acceptance. She is a masterful teacher that blends alignment and heart while inspiring each student to attune to the source of their own wisdom. ~T.W., Utah

From the very first yoga class I took from Kristine, she made it clear to me that she was doing exactly what she was made to do. Sharing her passion for yoga with others was so refreshing. She is knowledgeable and descriptive in her practice and guides you through each step of each pose with great care. I appreciate her mindfulness, body awareness and authenticity that came through in each class I attended.

~C.F., Idaho

I love Kristine's class! She is knowledgeable, dynamic & relatable. She is able to balance flow with awareness & challenge in a way that seems to rejuvenate my entire self & always makes me look forward to her class. She is funny & engaging & actively works with you to help you safely align & flow, regardless of your skill level. She even taught a private class for a few of us on the morning of my wedding! Cannot say enough good things about Kristine!

~L.S., Idaho

Kristine's classes fill my need for alignment based, creative flows coupled with a thoughtful focus. I love how she cleverly weaves a theme throughout the class, every pose is carefully selected, every tidbit and description connects back. It's really impressive and the class feels like a narrative between my thoughts and body. I walk away from class feeling like my thoughts have shifted in addition to having had a great workout.~K.C., Idaho

As a busy mom it can be hard to steal away for a much needed yoga class, and let's face it, trying to get out the mat at home with kids crawling on you isn't quite the same! Kristine makes the effort of coorrdinating all the pieces necessary totally worth it. Great energy, wealth of knowledge and a clear love of what she does. ~R.S, Oregon

 I am not exaggerating when I say that Kristine and her incredible yoga classes saved my life! I met Kristine when I was deep into postpartum depression and sleep deprivation with my first child. Her post natal class helped me come back into balance physically, mentally and spiritually. Her detailed instruction, hilarious and vulnerable spoken intentions, and incredible support is truly extraordinary. Anyone who has the honor of taking a class from her will surely be back for more! ~C.L., Idaho

Quarterly: Prenatal Yoga Partner Workshop  

Location & DatesTBD


This special two-hour workshop invites you and your partner to come to your mat together for a mindful practice to support your path to parenthood.

For $30 per couple you will enjoy:
- Breathing and relaxation exercises
- Poses for a strong and supported pregnancy
- Partner activities to support pregnancy and labor
- Labor support/birthing positions
- deepening your connection, to each other and baby
- Tea and snacks provided.